"Shandor" The Starkitty

Shandor was born on a farm.  After a short but enjoyable life with his mom and sister, he was sold for a few dollars at a local flea market. Now, many of the peddlers at these small flea markets have their rules about selling. Yet, among the legitimate lurk a sordid crew of not-so-nice guys. They buy live animals to sell to owners of kennels who supply laboratories that test on animals. Its the very dark side of the "happy-go-lucky" flea market atmosphere.

Luckily, when Shandor was brought to the flea market to "find his forever home", he wasn't approached by this element.  He was picked out by a young girl who felt his loneliness. As most of us know, kittens are vulnerable. As all young things, they trust completely and they expect warmth, food and protection. Generally, a kitten will stay with their mom for at least eight weeks. Shandor was eight weeks when he was taken to the flea market - just starting to eat a kibble.

Destiny has it's way with us all. Shandor was no different.  The Sphere of Remel opens with this rather unusual cat's first encounter with humans apart from his farm. Animals face so many dangers when passing through the human world.  We follow him as he walks through a twirling menajerie of cats; cruelty and kindness; earthly barriers and magic. Shandor is the Starkitty!

:"Shador's Star Walk" @2011 Kim Cady

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