"The Kitten Who Could" A Children's Tale

There was a kitten who could
Leap high in the sky and almost touch a butterfly;
Chase bugs in the sunlight and all through the night;
Rub green grass with his nose in a proud kitten pose;
Shimmy up a tree and back down with ease;
Climb mountains of rocks and hide in loose socks;
Run round and round and, all dizzy, fall down;
Make a loud mew when he found something new;
Cuddle in mom's fur and purr and purr;
Sleep all day-then just run away;
Smell fresh flowers and play for hours;
Jump in the air just on a dare.

One day, he got taken away
And the kitten who could,
Knew he couldn't do what he wanted to;
Escape the box at the pound,
With its cold, nasty locks
Until the girl came along,
And took him on home.

Then the kitten who could,
Found in the end,
Nothing else mattered,
Besides having a friend.

Story & Illustration PhotoArt @2014 Kim Yvonne Cady