Healing Kitties

Recently, like many people in the winter, I have been afflicted with a cold.  Sometimes I have been extremely grouchy.  My body has been full of aches & pains!  So, I took to my bed and resigned myself to immense suffering until the cold or flu subsided.

I was surprised to suddenly see my "healing kitty" peek his little head over my covers as I lay there in total disrepair.  Merlyn is my healing kitty.  He has the uncanny ability to KNOW when I am sick or even when I am sad.  I know dogs are very sensitive to human emotions. Many articles and cases have been verified regarding doggy empathy for their human companions.  Not as many articles are about "healing kitties".

When my Merlyn looked at me with those huge gold eyes in an expression that I can only term as "how are you Mommy!"... filled with concern & worry, I had to smile. Even through my utter disgust with my state of being, I had to laugh! I invited him on my tummy & he came willingly. For hours he lay there draped over my congested lungs... keeping me warmer than any blanket could.

It was about a day before I felt able to move about in a better state of health.  Merlyn saw me through the whole ordeal.  What marvelouus, sensitive creatures are these felines! Full of mystery and love... Thanks Mr. Merlyn for helping me get back on my feet!

Photo by me...
Mr. Meryln - the Healing Kitty