First Impressions of a Kitten

I walk down the street
and enjoy that little sparrow
who flew away in front of me...
It's really too noisy though
and wish I knew where my mama was...
I may be on my own now
it won't be easy....
but it sure looks easier than what I see around me
I feel these creatures
angry, impatient, unaware of their surroundings.
They yell and rarely seem happy,
looking down into a small black pool
they hold in their hand...
they get in these huge ugly things
I run away from.
They disappear and I'm glad..
finally it's really quiet and dark...
Nights are so much better...
I found my sister - and she helped me back
to our nest - Mama was there
I ate and slept ... and hoped I'd never have to
leave her and see what I saw today again....