He's German - A Reason for Prejudice?

I have to speak out on this. I have friends from all over and I sometimes read their Facebook pages because they have read mine. All of my friends are kind to animals. But, some of the hate on the pages disgusts me. Yet, everyone is entitled to there own opinion. This morning I read a page that spread so much misinformation that I had to answer... grouping people together due to race, age, sex, culture, et al and assigning hate talk towards them and spreading this vitriol makes me feel so sad.. This is my rebuttal to you who I find friendship with because of your love of animals but say nothing on your pages about animals - only post about hatred of other people. I know this comes of fear... but, you have to fight fear with knowledge of history and by reading many points of view - the best way is to know someone personally. (These posts were about the Syrian refugees and how they are coming to 'get' us.)
I was raised by my Grandparents. My Grandfather left Germany at 18 yrs old when Hitler was rising. He wasn't being persecuted. He did it because he told me he knew Hitler was not a good man. He came & had a heavy German accent. He wanted to be a lawyer. People advised against his aspirations because of the prejudice and fear of Germans. He became a master carpenter and worked for Bell Aerosystems. He wasn't sent here by Germany to infiltrate our government & neither were the Japanese that stayed in our interment camps. I live in Nashville, TN. The Kurdish people have been killed by gas by Saddam Hussein, are being killed by Turkey and now (among others) are refugees from Syria. The little drowned boy was Kurdish. Nashville has been a sanctuary city for them for almost 25 yrs. One of my friends who is a Professor of Educational Leadership was the only person who helped me with listening and understanding when my husband died, my father died and my home was lost. Please people - contempt without knowledge is the reason for prejudice and ignorance. Knowing someone as a human being can change all of that.