"The Kitten Who Could" A Children's Tale

There was a kitten who could
Leap high in the sky and almost touch a butterfly;
Chase bugs in the sunlight and all through the night;
Rub green grass with his nose in a proud kitten pose;
Shimmy up a tree and back down with ease;
Climb mountains of rocks and hide in loose socks;
Run round and round and, all dizzy, fall down;
Make a loud mew when he found something new;
Cuddle in mom's fur and purr and purr;
Sleep all day-then just run away;
Smell fresh flowers and play for hours;
Jump in the air just on a dare.

One day, he got taken away
And the kitten who could,
Knew he couldn't do what he wanted to;
Escape the box at the pound,
With its cold, nasty locks
Until the girl came along,
And took him on home.

Then the kitten who could,
Found in the end,
Nothing else mattered,

Besides having one, true friend.

Story & Illustration PhotoArt @2014 Kim Yvonne Cady



In 'The Chases', a boggy field of abandoned houses near the mighty Lange River, is The Whirlaways. A homeless woman, Renelle, has taken up residence in this dilapidated cottage. She began to dream once she started sleeping at the house. The dreams were in many ways lessons. All around the cottage lay twisted thin, colorful flags on sticks. The dreams she had each night showed her how to make these flags twirl in the wind as they once did. Not quite understanding, but rarely one to question, she set out to reclaim the 'whirlaways' and began setting the sticks right-side up and replacing the old twisted fabric with new buoyant cloth that she would find in dumpsters and beg from her friends on the streets. She also began to feed the many cats that surrounded the house. Although she had never been fond of cats, a dream came to her again, which showed her that they belonged to the house more than she did. And they proved good protection. One cat in particular stayed with her - a lovely white cat she named Cristal. Another guarded the porch with a ferocity she had only imagined in a cat. When the druggies and dealers would come looking for a place to exchange their goods, the cat would puff up to an enormous size and yowl for all he was worth. The vagrants and criminals decided to find another spot for their commerce. The feral dogs that passed by also wanted none of this hellcat. She named him Moxie - as he surely had enough of it!

'Moxie' guarding The Whirlaways PhotoArt by Kim Cady


Shandor's Eyes

Shandor's eyes see visions of death no more, as he leads her slowly through the haze, past the veil into where the light envelopes light across the Rainbow Bridge...

The Chases

The Chases is a wild place of birches and oaks, bogs and tall grass in the small metropolitan area of BeauFleur. It is slowly reverting to its natural state. The city was once the crown jewel of the mighty Lange River and a great transportation port for sailors, businessmen, drunkards, and scholars. But, as time would have it, BeauFleur's steel plants closed down and the working population moved south. Slowly the city grew back, but never to its former glory. It had become a small city with many colleges and a variety of eclectic souls. It was in BeauFleur that Maggie the Gypsy healed her beloved felines and those in need with the help of the Spirit Cat, Yiva. Now, Maggie is the one in the need of healing. Cursed at an early age by a spurned lover, she can never reach her place at the Rainbow Bridge to welcome those who wait to cross the veil - those unwanted felines - those with no one waiting. Shandor is a Spirit Cat whose calling is as the Guidre in Volume 2 of The Abbottsford Cats, begins his adventures to save Maggie from a fate worse than death as her soul gets weaker and threatens to become a wisp of fading energy bound to the earth forever. It is his destiny, as a Spirit Cat to aid her in overcoming the curse and reach the Bridge. The Chases house a secret that he first must find in his quest... he and Zereto enter the bogs, but at a cost...

'The Chases' PhotoArt KYCady 2013